Kazbek. Caucasus prisoners


Two Japanese women ascented the top of Mt. Kazbek (5033 m) in Northern Osetia. As ITAR-TASS informed the visitors from Japan came to Russia in order to ascent the Mt. Kazbek and the managed to reach the very top of Kazbek according to tourist route from Russian side. "Now they descending down accompanied by the guides CETNeva and they are to be in Vladikavkaz at night. Usually such a climbing to the top of Kazbek takes about a week "—that is what The Tourist Committee of Osetia says.

Mitsue Sakagami from Tokyo and Toshiko Uchida from Yokohama had to use crampons and fixed rope. Snow and ice begins somewhere about of 2400 m altitude, but the snow melts and the ice is naked at this season of the year that is why it is necessary to use rope.


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It is very interesting ascent (2B Russian grade difficulty) from Russia side along Genaldon Valley with setting 3 camps at the altitude of 2300, 3500 and 4200 m. Then the Japanese guests visited Bezengi region in the Central Caucasus. They made trekking in Mizirgi and Bezengi Valleys up to Baran-kosh camp site.

The guides: Moshnikov, Fetisov.



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