Kazbek Ascent (Summit) 2010

Mount Kazbek is one of the highest and the most beautiful peaks of the Caucasus. The Kazbek Region is located at the eastern end of Central Caucasus and is an almost independent mountain system. The region is made up of several prominent mountain ridges, which spread out like the fingers of a hand northwards into the Dagestan Highlands and only in one place, at the watershed of the two big rivers of Ardon and Terek, link up with the Main Ridge of the Caucasus.

Here, between the upper stretches of these rivers, rise numerous important 4000 ers. Close to the prominent 4780m Jimarai-Khokh, rises the dominating volcanic cone of Kazbek, at 5033 m the highest peak in the region. The mountain was first climbed in 1868 by a partly led by Douglas Freshfield. The summit provides fantastic views of the Caucasian peaks stretching westwards to Elbrus for 200 km.