Lenin Peak

Lenin Peak is the third highest peak in former Soviet Union and is considered to be one of the easiest mountains over 7000 m. Because of this fact it has become one of the most popular peaks in the world and annually receives hundreds of climbers from all over the world. The area gets frigidly cold in winter, even though it's not as bad as in area of Pobeda Peak, which holds many records in the extreme climate criteria. Spring is beautiful and extremely green and even if the weather in general is quite good, sudden violent storms hit the peak.

More important though, is the deep snow which make attempts very hard and the avalanche danger is generally high. Melt off from the glaciers and snow fields also make access hard. In the main climbing season the weather is usually quite stable and until you reach 5000 m it can be really hot. In the end of August storms appear with higher frequency, it fast gets colder and first autumn snowfalls hide dangerous crevasses and make ascending of the peak harder.