Expedition to ACONCAGUA (6962 m), 2016 – from 1190 $ USD

Mount Aconcagua (6962 meters) is located in the Andes range, in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. It is the highest summit in the Americas and the west. So it is part of the Seven Summits circuit, the highest in each continent.


Ascent: Northeast face (Vacas Valley)
Descent: Northwest face (Horcones Valley)
Type: Normal Route, alternative

Day 1:   746 m. Mendoza
Arrival in Mendoza, transfer from airport to hotel. Selection of equipment for rent. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2:   2557 m. Mendoza/ Penitentes
Design of permits to pass for breakfast and transfer from Mendoza to the area of the National Park Aconcagua. Night in the village Penitentes in a hut. Dinner.

Day 3:   29550 m. Penitentes/ Pampa de Leña
After breakfast, transfer to the entrance to the National Park. Loading equipment on mules, trekking 4-5 hours to camp Pampa de Legnano. Upon arrival at the registration keeper Park, setting tents. Dinner and overnight at the camp.

Day 4:   3240 m. Pampa de Leña/ Casa de Piedras
Early morning training equipment to be loaded onto mules. Then, after breakfast, trekking 6-7 hours to Camp Casa de Piedras. The second stop on the way to the base camp Plaza Argentina. Lovely view of the east side of the Aconcagua. Training camp, dinner and overnight.

Day 5:   4250 m. Casa de Piedras/ Plaza Argentina
After breakfast, the final trek to base camp - 5-6 hours of transition. Rest, dinner, overnight.

Day 6:   4250 m. Plaza Argentina
Day of rest. Short walk around the base camp.

Day 7:   5000 m. Plaza Argentina/ Camp/ Plaza Argentina
Trekking 6 hours moving the equipment to one of the high camps. Return to the base camp for the night.

Day 8:   4250 m. Plaza Argentina
Day of rest and acclimatization. Preparation for the transfer of the remaining equipment to Camp 1.

Day 9:   of 5000 m. Plaza Argentina/ Camp I (5000 m)
Raising 6:00 to Camp 1. This site ascent coincides with the Polish route. From this point of our route will take place on the northern ridge of the mountain, along the route called "Wrong Poland". Setting up the camp. The distribution of the load to be transferred to Camp 2. Rest, dinner and overnight.

Day 10:   Camp 1 (5500 m)/ Camp 2/ Camp 1
One-day access to transport food and fuel between 1 and 2 Camps. This is an important day for acclimatization 6:00 on a simple relief. Return to Camp 1, rest, dinner and overnight.

Day 11:   Camp 1 (5000 m)
Rest day at Camp 1. Dinner and overnight.

Day 12:   5500 m. Camp 1/ Camp II
Ascent from Camp 1 to Camp 2. Camp 2 - Installation, dinner and overnight.

Day 13:   5900 m. Camp 2/ Plaza Cólera
Climbing the Plaza Cólera. Traverse 4:00. The final camp before the summit. Dinner and overnight.

Day 14:   6962 m. Plaza Cólera/ vertex / Plaza Cólera
Breakfast at 4 am, preparing equipment and out at 5am. Climbing usually takes 9 hours. Descent to Plaza Cólera. Rest and overnight.

Day 15:   5900 m. Plaza Cólera/ Plaza de Mulas
Descent 3:00 in BC Plaza de Mulas, after breakfast and collection equipment. Free time.

Day 16:   4260 m. Plaza de Mulas/ Puente del Inca / Mendoza
Descent from Plaza de Mulas to Puente del Inca. Gear down on mules, 8:00 walk with a light backpack. Return to Mendoza. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 17:   746 m. Transfer to the airport

Days 18 & 19:   Reserve days to bad weather.

Service included:

  • Transfer airport Mendoza - Hotel in Mendoza and back;
  • 2 nights at a hotel in Mendoza 3* in double room with breakfast;
  • Assistance in obtaining a permit for the ascent, preparing forms on-line;
  • Private transport: Mendoza - Penitentes - Mendoza;
  • 2 nights in a mountain hut in Penitentes, double occupancy, breakfast and dinner - Transportation from Penitentes to the entrance to the National Park and back;
  • Transport of personal equipment by mules Penitientes to Plaza Argentina and back without limit kg;
  • 1 rustic dinner (Argentine barbecue) in the intermediate camp Pampa de Leñas;
  • 4 days full board at Camp Plaza Argentina (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
  • Tent-dining in BC, radio and toilets;
  • Constant communication with the base camp of Mendoza and Penitentes to coordinate the promotion of the route, reservations, etc.;
  • Weather forecast for all expeditions;
  • In our camps have solar energy, radio, satellite phone;
  • On request we can cook vegetarian and gluten-free food.

Not included services:

  • Personal porters;
  • Personal equipment;
  • Insurance;
  • The cost of rescue;
  • Personal expenses (drinks, telephone, etc.);
  • Alpine guides, high-altitude high-altitude tents and food;
  • Service from Plaza Argentina y to Plaza de Mulas.

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