Mount Aconcagua Climb. 2020 – from 3275 EUR€

The advantages of our tour:

- Route program provides optimal acclimatization for the ascent;
- 9 guaranteed tours in winter 2019/2020;
- We provide you the qualified guides with wide experience of ascensions to Aconcagua and other known tops of the world;
- Provides multiple backup days for the ascent;
- Climbing of Aconcagua will allow you to test yourself at an altitude close to 7000 m, and will be a preparatory stage before climbing on Himalayan eight thousand. As the highest peak of South America Aconcagua is part of the program "7 Summits" - 7 highest mountains of the seven continents;
- Porters and mules will carry all the main expedition cargo, which will allow you to go almost light and save power for the final day of the summit.

Discover unforgettable Andes and enjoy climbing the highest peak in the America! For you - years of experience and a full service from the largest operator. The porters and mules carry equipment, a chef prepares tasty and nutritious meals throughout the tour, each participant in the base camp is accommodated by one person in a tent in the camps with all the facilities organized by us together with the Argentine partners, two reserve days in case of bad weather, included in the price - all this will make your climbing as much as possible comfortable and productive.

Duration 17 days - Dates 2019/2020:
14.12.2019 - 30.12.2019
25.12.2019 - 10.01.2020
30.12.2019 - 15.01.2020
04.01.2020 - 20.01.2020
11.01.2020 - 27.01.2020
18.01.2020 - 03.02.2020
25.01.2020 - 10.02.2020
01.02.2020 - 17.02.2020
08.02.2020 - 24.02.2020

Cost of a 17-days tour: 3275 EUR p/pax

The Aconcagua tour program:

Day 1: Mendoza (760 m)
Arriving at the airport of Mendoza to 12.00 hours. Transfer from the airport to the city. On this day, you will receive permits to climb the Mt. Aconcagua. In addition, our representative will inspect your mountain gear and, if necessary, will help you to rent the missing things. Overnight at a hotel or apartment in Mendoza (breakfast).
Day 2: Mendoza - Penitentes (2.725 m)
Morning transfer to Penitentes. The goods will be distributed and the mules prepared for the next transition that evening. Overnight at hotel in Penitentes (breakfast).
Day 3: Penitentes - Confluencia (3.300 m)
The group will be driven by car to the entrance to the national Park. The transition to Confluencia camp (Confluencia) will begin after verification of your permits. The gear will be carried by mules. Part of the equipment will be delivered to camp Confluencia, and other - directly to the camp Plaza de Mulas, where you will find it in our camp after 2 days. Upon arrival to the camp we can relax (breakfast, lunchbox, dinner).
Day 4: Confluencia - Plaza Francia (4.000 m) - Confluencia
Ascent to the Plaza Francia (Plaza Francia), the foot of the southern wall of the Aconcagua mountain. Here we will have lunch with scenic mountain views. Then return to the camp Confluencia. This hike is an important part of the acclimatization process. If all group members have acclimatization at altitudes up to 5000 meters (for example, after Mt. Elbrus or Kilimanjaro) - you can reduce the day and at once leave for the camp Plaza de Mulas (Plaza de Mulas) and spend the night there (breakfast, lunchbox, dinner).
Day 5: Confluencia - Plaza de Mulas (4.400 m)
The hike to the base camp Plaza de Mulas (Plaza de Mulas) takes about 8 hours. Overnight at the camp equipped with all necessary amenities (breakfast, lunchbox, dinner).
Day 6: Acclimatization hike to Mt. Bonete in the surrounding area.
Preparation of loads for the carrying on the next day. Overnight at the base camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Day 7: Plaza de Mulas - Camp 1 “Canadá” (4.950 m).
After 3 hours we reach the 1-st camp. Lunch, installation of tents. Here already can appear some symptoms of altitude sickness (breakfast, lunchbox, dinner).
Day 8: Camp 1 “Canadá” - Camp 2 “Nido de Cóndores” (5.590 m).
The move to Camp 2, which will take 4 hours. Installation of tents, rest (breakfast, lunchbox, dinner).
Day 9: Camp 2 "Nido de Condores" - Plaza de Mulas.
Descent down to rest. Leave the tent at Camp 2 (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Day 10: Camp Plaza de Mulas. A day of rest (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Day 11: Ascent to the camp 2 “Nido de Cóndores” (5.590 m). Breakfast, lunchbox, dinner.
Day 12: Ascent to the camp 3 “Colera” (6.000 m) or "Berlin" (5.900 m).
Ascent to the Camp 3. Early retire before climbing (breakfast, lunchbox, dinner).
Day 13: Camp 3 – summit of Aconcagua (6.962 m) – Camp 3 (or Camp 2 or Camp 1).
The ascent to the summit and return to Camp 3. Beautiful day! Up early, Breakfast and start climbing. You will climb the top, where you will experience unforgettable emotions, and come back down. This evening you'll sleep with the feeling of satisfaction from achieving the goal (breakfast, lunchbox, dinner).
Day 14: Reserve day in case of bad weather the previous day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Day 15: Reserve day. Descent to base camp Plaza de Mulas. Free day to exchange impressions of the expedition (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Day 16: Plaza de Mulas - Penitentes - Mendoza
Descent to Puente del Inca - the last hike in this expedition. Your belongings will be carried by mules. You bring only a light backpack with a jacket and a snack. Transfer from Penitentes to Mendoza. Accommodation in hotel or apartment (breakfast, lunchbox).
Day 17: Mendoza. Breakfast. Transfer to airport.

Price Includes:

  • Airport transfers to/ from Mendoza;
  • Hotel accommodations BB in Mendoza for one night before climb and one night after according itinerary (twin or triple room);
  • Private transfers to and from Pentitentes and Park Gate;
  • Hotel accommodations BB in Penitentes in tourist class hotel;
  • Hot delicious meals and tents at Confluencia and at BC (personal tents at BC);
  • All meals on the mountain;
  • Group climbing equipment;
  • Camping equipment, such as tents, stoves etc.;
  • Mules for group and personal gear (25 kg/45 pounds, personal) to and from BC;
  • English speaking guide (1 guide for 5 clients, in summit day - 1 guide for 2-3 clients).

Price does not include:

  • Wire transfer fee (if applicable);
  • Argentina visa fee (if applicable);
  • International round-trip airfare to/from Mendoza;
  • Climbing permit fee (from $580);
  • Lunches and dinners in Mendoza and Penitentes;
  • Single room supplement in hotel;
  • Some supplemental snacks such as candy bars;
  • Hot bath and internet in BC;
  • Additional hotels, meals & transportation should the climb end early;
  • All fees for early departure from team.

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