Mt. Vinson 4897 m, ANTARCTICA, CLIMBING EXPEDITION. 2016 – price 43 410 USD$

Antarctica - Mainland, located around the South Pole, is almost entirely covered with ice shell thickness up to 4,800 meters.
Only 2% of the Antarctic continent - the coast and some peaks free of ice, is the fifth largest and coldest continent of the world. It was here that was recorded the lowest temperature in the world - 89.2 S. Ridge Transantarctic Mountains divides metrics into Western and Eastern parts. West Antarctica is a high plateau of snow, and here is the highest point of the continent - Vinson Massif, rising to 4897 meters above sea level.
The program begins in Punta Arenas (Chile) where we fly aircraft IL-76 at Union Glacier. Then, from here we throw a small plane to Base Camp Vinson Massif.

2016: January 06 - January 22

Santiago, Chile - Punta Arenas - Patriot Hills -
Vinson Massif Base Camp – Summit - Vinson Massif BC –
Patriot Hills – Punta Arenas


Day 1: Arrival in Punta Arenas. Hotel accommodation.
Day 2: Buying food and equipment.
Day 3: Briefing in the Adventure Network office. Sorting out and packing the equipment.
Day 4: Flight to Patriot Hills.
Day 5: Flight from Patriot Hills to Vinson Massif. Camp 1 at 2150 m.
Day 6: Acclimatization outing. Preparation for the ascent.
Day 7: 8 hours walk to Camp 2 (2900 m).
Day 8: 6 hours walk to Camp 3 (3900 m).
Day 9: Acclimatization day.
Day 10: Summit day.
Day 11: Reserve day to make up for bad weather.
Day 12: Reserve day to make up for bad weather. Option for good weather: climb of Mt. Shinn (not far from Vinson Massif).
Day 13: Reserve day.
Day 14: Descent to BC.
Day 15: Flight from BC to Union.
Day 16: Flight from Patriot Hills to Punta Arenas.
Day 17: Flight home.

Price includes:

  • meeting and seeing off in Punta Arenas (PA);
  • booking hotel in Punta Arenas;
  • briefing before departure to Antarctica;
  • flights PA – Patriot Hills (PH) – Vinson Massif - BC – PH – PA;
  • food and lodging in Antarctica;
  • group equipment for the climb;
  • climbing guide and supporting staff, doctor for the whole trip;
  • luggage allowance (25 kg on all flights in Antarctica).

Price does not include:

  • Chilean multi visa;
  • flight to Punta Arenas;
  • accommodation in Punta Arenas;
  • personal camping and climbing equipment;
  • extra expenses in Punta Arenas entailed by flight delays;
  • overweight (over 25 kg);
  • insurance covering climbing to 5000 m (no less than 150 000 USD$ of coverage).

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