The first-rank sportsman. Mountain guide of KMGA, country of candidate IFMGA UIAGM.

Ascents: 1999 Chetyrech (6230m, Pamir 4A, SW face), Korjenevskoy (7105m, Pamir 5A S), 2000 Elbrus E-W (5642m, Caucasus 2A Normal). 2001 Foros (Crimea 5A SE face), Kush-kaja (Crimea, 5A, S face), 2002 Foros (Crimea, 5B, SE face center, 5B, SE face right, 5B, SE face left). Morcheka (Crimea, 5B, Classic route). 2002 Ushba (4694m, Caucasus, 4A, North ridge), Shurovskogo (4259m, 5A, NW face). 2003 MtBlanc (4808m, French Alps PD Gouter). 2005 Matterhorn (4477m, Swiss Alps, AD, Hornli ridge), Spain Liberty (4200m, Caucasus, 5B, E face); 2006 Long Peak (4347m, CO USA, PD, N face), Grand Teton (4197m, WO USA, 5.4, Owen-Spalding), 2009 Lone Eagle (3600m, Co USA, 5B, open new route, E face).

Guiding from 2000—Elbrus, Bezengi, Caucasus, Ushba—guide with ski.
2005 Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Marangu route, Caucasus, Ushba, (guide) 4A ascent. Mt Cook, New Zealand second guide;
2006 Kola peninsula, Russia ski-tour guide. McKinley, Alaska guide with ski till 4400. Muztag-Ata, Chinese Pamir guide;
2007 Dombay Caucasus guide-coordinator ice-climbing, new routes. Haute route ski guide. Mt.Blanc guideia Gouter;
2008 Aconcagua, Argentina guide from Plaza de Mulas. Kamchatka, ski-tour guide. Lenin Peak guide. Italy, Dolomites trekking guide.
2009 Kyrgyzstan, ski-tour guide. Instructor of Mountaineering in Russia, III category (N1490 from 14.05.2008)