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Nous offrons des expéditions guidées en montagnes et les sorties à pied autour de l'année - ainsi que le ski - visite à certains des endroits les plus sauvages et les plus belles et les espaces naturels dans le monde entier.

Dear friends!

We know the last few days have been incredibly challenging for everyone.
As you probably know, Russia imposes entry ban for foreigners from March 18 to May 1 over coronavirus risks.
We're closely monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

From CetNeva we want to let you know that we are working hard to get through this,
in order to be prepared to get back on track as soon as the situation improves.
And we really hope that it will be all resolved and will not impact the summer season.
We’ll continue to keep all confirmed travelers informed and updated as new info or guidance comes in,
and we’ll update this message accordingly.

Thank you for choosing to travel with CetNeva High Venture Travel—we love exploring the world with you!