Ararat Speed Record


Ararat—the highest mountain in the world on relative height: distance from the bottom to top near 4300 м. Its absolute height (above sea level) makes 5137 м.

At the end of July, 2013 expedition on Mount Ararat in Turkey took place. Five participants from the Basque Country successfully reached top and went down in camp 1.

Next day 26/07 high-speed running from camp 1 (3350 м) to top and back took place.

IVAN MOSHNIKOV. Mountain Guide

We were a little prepared, tells Javier, asked local on features of climate and route subtleties, on the previous records, told that from camp 1 up/down it is about 4 hours, besides we were at top the day before and completely represented that for us waits.

ararat1    ararat2

Moreover, coming back to camp 1 the day before, we asked local Kurds to organize a Pit stop at the height of 3750 m where to us left water.

From equipment—easy clothes (three layers, incl. The top Gore-tex), standing easy running sneakers, sticks, cats didn't use since the condition of a route allowed to do without them.

Twilight was Startanuli at 4.00, still, but we didn't use lamps, to camp 2 (4150 m) vigorously ran over hour. Further the bias increased and height too. In a zone of the beginning of a glacier quite strong wind blew. As a result of 1,5 more hours to top. And 1 hour 10 min. on descent to camp 1. Only 3 hours 40 minutes, I believe that it is a high-speed record!

ararat3    ararat7

As a result: 

Camp 1 (3,350). Camp 2 (4,150) = 1 hour, height difference of 800 m;
Camp 2 (4,150). Top (5,137) = 1,5 hours, difference near 1000 м;
And down Top. Camp 1 = 1 h 10 min., a height difference of 1800 m.

Total difference of 3600 m in 3 hours 40 min. 

Probably, in the future we will risk a height difference will be to try from a foot, thus, simply fantastic more than 4 vertical km.



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