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Our history


CET Neva (Neva is the name of the main St. Petersburg river) agency had been established in 1990.
Ascension to Everest without oxygen (Anatoly Moshnikov, 1990).
Pamir-Alay Expeditions, Big Wall climbing (1992, 1993).
Expeditions 7000m in Pamir & Tian-Shan (1991-1996).
Ascension to Dhaulagiri (Anatoly Moshnikov, 1996).


John Harlin's diretissima on the Eiger North Wall (Anatoly Moshnikov, Serguey Kalmykov, February 1997).
Pic Ismail Somoni, Pamir expedition, 1997.
Ascension to Everest without oxygen (Anatoly Moshnikov, 1998).
Ascension to Everest (Victor Volodin, 2000).


First repetition of “Suenos de invierno” rout, Pico Uriellu (Spain), (Anatoly Moshnikov, Nikolay Totmianiin, Visktor Volodin, 2001).
Ascension to Lhotse Central (Victor Volodin, 2001).
Aconcagua, Argentina, 2002.
Ascension to Everest without oxygen (Nikolay Totmianin 2003).
Piolet d.Or , Jannu/Kumbhakarha, 7710m, NF, HIMALAYA (Nikolay Totmianin, 2004). Ascension to Everest (Victor Volodin, 2004).
Аrarat, Turkey; Fuji, Japan, 2004.
Matterhorn, first Russian winter climb on the Hornli (NE) Ridge (Ivan & Anatoly Moshnikov, 2005).


Ascension to Everest without oxygen (Nikolay Totmianin, 2006).
Grand Teton and Long's Peak, Nat.l Parks of USA, 2006.
K-2, new route on West Face (Nikolay Totmianin, Victor Volodin, 2007).
Aoraki—Mount Cook, New Zealand 2005 (Anatoly Moshnikov, Ivan Moshnikov).
Lone Eagle, 3633m, new route by East Wall, North America, Colorado (Ivan & Anatoly Moshnikov, 2009).


Anatoly Moshnikov
“For the life is not around us with endless sorrow and only rare smiles of flying away fate..., but inside us, where you can create, give and take as much as you can carry!"


Mt. Kilimanjaro (2012).
Mt. Ararat (2013).
Unclimbed peaks in Kirguizia—expedition, 2014.
Winner in the nomination "Cristal Peak 2014", for winter traverse of Bezengui Wall—Nikolay Totmianin.

Our mission & vision

In its activity, CET NEVA willingly utilizes high potential of the Russian climbing community,

and many highly qualified guides are frequently engaged by the agency.

CET NEVA is tied with bonds of friendship and collaboration to many travel agencies and bureaus over the world.

Address to us, and we'll give you dozens of contacts to organizations and/or persons who worked or traveled with us

to receive an independent reference about our work.

Guide Team

  • Anatoly Moshnikov

    1953-2011 The deserved master of sports (1990), director of CET NEVA,…

  • Nilolay Totmyanin

    1958 The master of sports of the international class, the deserved…

  • Sergei Kalmykov

    1939 The master of sports of the USSR. Mountain guide. The…

  • Ivan Moshnikov

    1977 The first-rank sportsman. Mountain guide of KMGA, country of candidate…

  • Viktor Volodin

    1962 The master of sports of the USSR. Mountain guide from…

  • Elizaveta Sapozhkova

    1973 Guide-coordinator of CET NEVA from 1992, interpreter. Sometimes—expedition-cook. Ascents: Guagua…

  • Andrey Fetisov

    1962 Master of sports. In the mountains from 1980. Mountain guide…

  • Sergei Khadjinov

    1958 The first-rank at second cohort climber :-) Mountaineering instructor FAR…

  • Dmitriy Teplov

    1986 Mountain guide—aspirant of KMGA, country of candidate IFMGA UIAGM. The…

  • Alexander Ilyin

    1981 The first-rank sportsman. Mountain guide of KMGA, country of candidate…

  • Grigory Kochetkov

    1980 The first-rank sportsman. The master of sports of Russia (2006).…