TREKKING TO THE FOOT OF AKSU PEAK, 2020/2021 – from 895 EUR€

This trekking trip goes to the foot of Aksu Peak (5365 m). This route is often called trekking in "Asian Patagonia". You will pass through the infinite number of unique treks, which will take you to the genuine wilderness of the region.

The Pamir-Alay region possesses an amazing nature:
- bright valleys and mountain foothills give place to rigorous colours of rocks, snow and glaciers;
- crystal-clear air is saturated with fragrance of thick juniper forests;
- boisterous capricious rivers enliven the surrounding majestic beauty.

The culmination of the trip is a view to the grand 1500 m high rocky wall which comes to the Aksu Peak.

During the trekking tourists will carry only personal backpacks with essentials, and all the rest of the equipment is carried on pack transport. For overnight stays there will be installed comfortable camps and for dinner the cook will prepare hot and tasty dishes served as in restaurant.

Group 1. 11.07 - 19.07.2020
Group 2. 08.08 - 16.08.2020

Program of 9–days tour. Summer 2020:

Day 1 Arrival to Osh. Meet and greet in the airport. Transfer to Uzgarysh village. Accommodation in the guest house.
Altitude of Uzgarysh village: 1800 m; Distance: 290 km;
Travel time: approx. 7 hrs; Altitude difference: +800 m).
Day 2 Trekking from the Laily-Mazar river valley to its confluence with the Uryam river.
Camp 1 (Altitude: 2100 m; Distance: 10 km; Travel time 6-8 hrs; Altitude difference: +300 m).
Day 3 Passage from the confluence of the Laily-Mazar and Uryam rivers to the Uryam river valley.
Camp 2 (3000 m; 8 km; 7-9 hrs; +900 m).
Day 4 Trekking rest day and radial trek to the upper reaches of the Uryam river.
Camp 2 (up to 3400 m; 4-7 km; 3-5 hrs; +400 m, -400 m).
Day 5 Passage across Uryam Pass (3760 m) to the Ak-Mechet river valley,
to the confluence of two rivers - the Ak-Suu and the Kara-Suu.
Camp 3 (2860 m; 8 km; 6-8 hrs; +750 m, -900 m).
Day 6 Trekking rest day and radial trekking to the foot of Aksu peak (5355 m).
Camp 3 (3500 m; 8 km; 4-5 hrs; +700 m, -700 m).
Day 7 Descent to the Ak-Mechet river and further to Uzgarysh village.
Accommodation in the guest house (1800 m; 14 km; 6-8 hrs).
Day 8 Transfer from Uzgarysh village to Osh. Accommodation in hotel.
Overnight in Osh (1000 m; 290km; 7 hrs; - 80 0m).
Day 9 Transfer to airport. Flight back home.

Price per person for guided groups:
895 EUR€ Price p/pax

The cost includes:

  • Meeting and seeing off in airport;
  • All transfers on comfortable air-conditioned transport according program;
  • Hotel accommodation 3* in Osh in twins / double rooms, with breakfast (1 night);
  • Accommodation in guest house in Uzgarysh village in the beginning and at the end of trekking (2 nights);
  • Service during trekking part:
    - Full board (three hot meals a day);
    - Accommodation in double tents;
    - Services of mountain guide, cook and service staff;
    - Horse packing services for personal and team baggage;
  • Bivouac and kitchen equipment rental:
    - Tents;
    - Tables, chairs;
    - Kitchenware.
  • Individual equipment rental:
    - Sleeping bag.
    - Telescopic ski sticks for trekking.
    - Raincoat.
    - Forehead flashlight
    - Tourist mat.
    - Metal thermos bottle 0.5 - 1.0L.
  • Personal utensils:
    - First-aid kit;
  • Preparation of necessary documents:
    - Border zone permit;
    - Ecological fee.

The cost does not includes:

  • Visa invitation and visa fee;
  • International flights;
  • Medical insurance.

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