Trekking in the Caucasus

Mountain trips, the so called "trekking", can be done in summer time of the year. The trekking is done in the safest areas, without any danger for the participants. All mountain passionates can join these tours, age not being an obstacle in admiring the beauties of nature. Compared with the walking and trekking traffic seen in many mountain areas nowadays, only a handful of western walkers can boast of having visited the Caucasus, the highest and largest mountain region in Europe. The main massifs where such tours take place are in Central Caucasus: Baksan Valley, Adyrsu Valley, Adylsu Valley, Donguzorun Valley, Bezengi Valley and West Caucasus: Teberda-Dombay.

You will find some general proposals on this site, but we can do tours in this mountain area at request…

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